Cosmic Key Creations


There’s a real classic 80s vibe to the guitar work and song structures but more than enough aggression to take on all comers from whatever era. A touch of hardcore/crossover grit and belligerence in places helps to keep everything energised and vital as well. The more I play this one, the better it gets and the harder it hits.

          –  Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine (UK)

Artwork and song titles suggest more blasphemous retro thrash metal, but there is also a lot of crossover in it. The uptempo has the upper hand overall. The songs sound fresh are varied and well played. The EP is also well and cleanly produced. Even if everything sounds very familiar here, the mixing of influences is rather unusual. But it doesn’t matter, because here you will be well entertained in the short playing time!

          –  Crossfire Metal webzine (DE)



Long before the existence of mankind, when wicked storms roamed the earth, an evil king emerged from the clouds. Riding on a skin torn horse, as lifeless as it’s master. Now battered by greed and neglect, since mortal souls failed to prevail. Wielding shield and sword. Galloping into vengeance. Soon the lands will be cloaked in darkness. For its name is Bladecrusher.

And so, the epic saga of Bladecrusher commences, drawing inspiration from the mystical realms of fantasy lore and intertwining them with the stark realities of our time. Crafting tales that encapsulate the trials and tribulations of humanity in this modern age. Fueled by the unholy fusion of metal’s thunderous might and the unrelenting ferocity of hardcore punk, Bladecrusher emerges as an unstoppable force of raw, unbridled energy that demands your unwavering attention. Brace yourself for an onslaught of lightning-fast thrash metal, mesmerizing headbanging riffs and epic guitar solos.

Within the hallowed halls of the album “Tempest,” released under the banners of Big Bad Wolf Records and Headbangers Records in 2022, the echoes of ancient thrash titans like Slayer and Exodus resonate alongside the primal, hardcore crossover essence reminiscent of Cro-Mags and Power Trip. This mix provides a fierce and energetic sound that will devour the souls of both ardent metal devotees and unyielding champions of the hardcore punk ethos.

With Death, Revenge, and War, unleashed by Cosmic Key Creations in 2023, witness Bladecrusher embarking upon a more progressive path, while preserving their dark, fast and heavy oldschool sound. Forging a devastating symphony of new blood-curdling thrash anthems with some black metal influences, Bladecrusher is unleashing their merciless metal to rage war on the domain of heavy music.


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